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My name is Ine,  I am a teacher of the Lithuanian language.

We already heard that a million times: learning a new language is like running a marathon. Yes, that is right. And a good teacher is needed for proper guidance not to run this marathon in the mud.

It's all about time and productivity. Once you are seriously determined to prioritize Lithuanian classes without 1001 excuses, I will do my best to find the right key (which is a bunch of customized methods over the course), and open your individual door to the most productive and enjoyable learning process.

If you are ready to start, you can:
- book a class,
- text me on Instagram, YouTube, or meet via Skype/Zoom/Google Meet to discuss the start of our sessions.


What do you get...

...if I am your teacher?

1-hour or 30-minute online class for children and/or adults, individual, or group.

The best and newest digital textbooks and other materials free of charge.

Preparation for the Lithuanian language exams (on request). The best achievement so far: an official recognition of Level C1 in just 12 months of learning from scratch.

If you feel reluctant to study one-to-one, I can help you to find a partner to study with.

​Possibility to join the Lithuanian Language Club and other entertaining activities.


Becoming a part of a community where foreigners have been learning Lithuanian just like you.

Free access to genuine MP3 materials, including dialogues, daily news, podcasts, and short stories.

​Checking homework aside from the class.

Online support aside from the class.

​If you live far away from Lithuania, I can purchase books in Lithuania and send them to you.

​Last but not least, my fullest dedication and 10-year experience to bring one more Lithuanian speaker to the world :)

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How I can Help

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