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Online Meeting
  • Do you work with children? If yes, should I stay with my child during the class?
    Yes, I do, and find it pretty enjoyable! The youngest students that I have are 6 years old. I always let the parents decide for themselves whether they want to support their kids during our sessions or stand back and let it just be one-to-one. It really depends on a child's individuality.
  • Do you work on Saturdays and Sundays?
    Classes are possible only on Mondays-Fridays, from 9 am to 6 pm (Lithuanian time).
  • Do you have classes for 2?
    Yes, I do. You can take a class with your boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, friend, co-worker, etc. If you are more of a social animal but don't know anyone else who is at the same level of Lithuanian as you, a suitable partner can be arranged for the classes. Based on my experience, such experiments lead some students to make real friends!
  • What is the length of the class? Which one should I take?
    Normally my classes last 30min or 60min. The first type is highly recommended for children or adults who are very busy, although regular updates with a teacher are helpful for staying motivated or for finalizing some things. The 60-minute class is a regular class for teenagers and adults. If you take this type of class twice a week, it's more than enough to achieve smooth progress in the Lithuanian language. When it is possible, I may offer a 90-minute class. Usually, this length is useful for those students, who need to pass an exam in the Lithuanian language as soon as possible, or who are coming to Lithuania for studies/work.
  • What online platforms are possible for our classes?
    Skype, Google Meet, Zoom.
  • What a payment methods?
    You can book my class on this website, paying by a credit card, Paypal, Wise, a bank transfer.
  • What is your cancellation/no-show policy?
    I understand that many unexpected things might happen. I accept one last-minute cancellation in 2 months, which means you are not being charged for that. The last-minute cancellation of the class would be informing me about your absence less than 24 hours before the class starts or a no-show without informing me.
  • If I can't join a group session today, will I still be charged for this absence even after informing more than 24 hours in advance?
    Unfortunately, yes. When you decide to join a group class, you pay a one-time monthly Lithuanian Language Club or a group session fee. We have a very stable routine here in terms of the number of people, price, and time schedule, so even if 3 members decide to skip a session, at least 1 or 2 members will be granted an individual class. As my experience shows, students also become more responsible about their cancellations.
  • Do you apply any discounts?
    Yes, if you book 5 classes at once. However, make sure to use this discount within 3 months.
  • May I ask you for an invoice?
    Definitely. Companies ordering Lithuanian classes for their employees will get all the necessary documents.
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