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What my students say about my services

It is really great learning with Ine! She comes up with new ideas for the lessons, explains the grammar well and understands what I need to practice. We repeat last lessons vocabulary, read texts to get a feeling for the language and improve pronunciation or do exercises where I have to translate short sentences. :)


It is such a pleasure to receive classes from Ine. She has a way of infecting you with her enthusiasm about Lithuanian language, and yes, that includes pronunciation and grammar. Ine quickly understood my level and always gave helpful advice on how to continue my learning process. She listened to my requests and came up with original lesson ideas. In short: I believe Ine is a not-to-be-missed teacher if you are interested in learning or improving your 'lietuvių kalbos'!


Один из лучших преподавателей, что встречались мне в этой жизни. Ине - тот человек, который берёт ответственность за обучение, терпеливо и уверенно ведёт за собой, весело и интересно преподносит новое. Уроки проходят в хорошем темпе, в доброжелательной атмосфере. Ине сама всегда совершенствуется в языке, что вызывает уважение, и обязывает соответствовать. А светлая, позитивная энергетика заряжает желанием учиться. Спасибо!


If you are looking for an outstanding Lithuanian teacher, I have good news: your search is over. Done. Ine is your choice. She is extremely knowledgeable in teaching her native language, patient, kind and personable, encouraging, and able to make adjustments in her examples, even during a lesson. I really love studying Lithuanian more and more every day, *specifically* because of Ine. Even when you struggle during a lesson, she is positive with a great attitude. I really can't say enough about Ine. If you're interested in studying Lithuanian, the time to book lessons with Ine is *right now*. I run out of superlatives for her teaching!


Amazing structured first lessoin with Ine! She is hardworking and passionate about teaching! I will definitely book more lessons with her! Thanks a lot!!


Ine is super professional and knows exactly how to adjust her teaching to your ways of learning. She is highly knowledgeable and I am so glad I decided to learn Lithuanian!!


By now I think I took more than 50 Lessons with Ine and it is still a lot of fun and very productive. Ine comes up with new ideas and material for exercises. She is prepared and reliable and adjusts to your personal needs. I can highly recommend her as a teacher and I am looking forward to the next 50 lessons :)

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Another very enjoyable lesson. Ine has lots of good tips and tricks to help remember the grammar and is also very patient when I don't understand things first time around!

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Ine's the best - always knowledgeable and always so enthusiastic and energetic. I'm always looking forward to our lessons.


Ine is just the best. Always energetic and fun, and creates challenging exercises.


I enjoy working with Ine, she is patient, friendly and encouraging. Also, she's great at explaining different grammar structures so that everything seems less difficult than it actually is. I look forward to our next lesson. Ačiū! :)

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